The end of a chapter, the beginning of a new one

Are you also already counting down days left until summer? Well, with summer also comes the handover of Cyber Groupsʼs board mandate. So, join me for a quick review of how far we have come!

Since last summer a bunch of events have been organised by our current board - bringing cyber security to a broad range of age groups and experience levels. How many of our events did you attend?

During this past year, Cyber Group created connections in our yearly Meet&Greet and offered real-world experience in the Cyber Clinic. Moreover, interested students had the option to be introduced to different fields of cyber security in our Open Ports with Eraneos Switzerland, ISRG, Airlock and the University of Lichtenstein. Besides that, we trained four teams that went on to participate in the 9/12 Challenge with great success. At Informatiktage, Cyber Group organized a stand to answer many of the questions from the curious children and their parents, as well as amaze (and somewhat shock) them with the possibilities of rubberduckies, flipperzeros and OMGCables.

Additionally, we all regularly held GAs to keep everyone up-to-date with the current state of the task-forces, projects and results of Open Ports while also keeping an eye on past finances, discussing upcoming opportunities and debating on priorities and goals for the future of Cyber Group.

Without the input from our present and past members, all of that clearly
wouldnʼt have been possible and if you ask me, that should be celebrated! To share past successes and new ideas, feel free to reach out to us to join the final GA of the semester around the end of June, where all active members will be voting the future board of Cyber Group.