Meet & Greet

Cyber Meet & Greet

The Meet & Greet is our annual networking event, which allows cybersecurity enthusiasts from every field to discuss, socialise and enjoy an evening of talks. The fair takes place each autumn and is open to everyone interested. It is a networking event for students, academia, industry and the public sector. In addition to the networking we also invite keynote speakers from different fields. This makes the Meet & Greet a unique opportunity to learn more about cybersecurity, to listen to real stories about cyberattacks, and get in touch with many interesting people.



In 2020, the Cyber Group Meet & Greet was brought to you by Karin Holzhauser, Robin Staab, Jelena Mihajlovic, Alisha Esshaki, Kyveli Mavromati, and Gabriela Krasnopolska.

We hope you enjoyed it. Read more about it in this article.

If you missed it – join us next year!

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