Open Port Event

With Ralf Weissbeck, group CIO at the Adecco Group

Or, what does it mean if NotPetya shuts down your company for several days? Why could this untargeted attack create so much harm in major companies? How does one react to ransom demands? These and many other questions were answered by Ralf Weissbeck, now the group CIO of the Adecco group but then part of the cybersecurity team at Maersk. He recalled how within a few hours, an at first singular event spread company wide and only by chance spared one entity which proved pivotal to deal with the crisis. Students heard first hand how important it is to invest in cybersecurity, the pitfalls of flat networks and the necessity to have a streamlined crisis management that is ready to act. He shared anecdotes of missed concerts and family times as the crisis demanded unbelievable working hours and sleeping arrangements, with whole company floors being converted to make-shift crisis lodgings. The event was concluded by a memorable apero at the terrace of the Dozenten-Foyer where students had the chance to ask both him and Federico Blasiotti further questions.