Open Port Event

Is international cyberspace a legal vacuum? What international law and norms govern it? What role has the UN played in establishing norms for the responsible use of ICTs by States?

Join us on October 6th for an interactive session with Camino Kavanagh to learn more! She will introduce you to the emerging normative framework governing States' use of ICTs/cyber in the context of international security, discuss the confidence building measures (CBMs) that have been agreed by States to prevent the risk of conflict stemming from the malicious use of ICTs, and explain what future work needs to be done to ensure a peaceful digital future. After her introduction it is up to you to bring up the questions that you have always wanted to ask!

Dr. Camino Kavanagh is a Visiting Senior Fellow at the Department of War Studies at King’s College London where her research focuses on international politics, conflict and information technology. She has served on the Advisory Support Team to the UN’s Open Ended Working Group (OEWG) and Group of Government Experts (GGE) and was lead drafter on the latter. The two Groups addressed a range of issues relevant to state behaviour in cyberspace, including emerging threats, international law, non-binding political norms, CBMs and international cooperation and assistance in ICT security. Camino also served as consultant/rapporteur to the 2016-2017 UN GGE. She is currently a senior advisor to the UN Dept. of Political Affairs on Digital Technologies and Conflict Prevention and consults regularly with national governments and international organisations on policy and norms relevant to ICTs/cyber and international security. Prior to her work on digital technologies and international security, Camino spent over a decade working in conflict/post-conflict contexts, including with UN peace operations.