Cyber Group Team

We are a group of cybersecurity enthusiasts aiming to bring cybersecurity to ETH students and support them in cybersecurity challenges. The group is run by our board members and our different task forces. We are always looking for more enthusiastic students. If you are interested in joining our team, have a look here: Get Involved

Our Team

"I want to share my passion for all things cybersecurity and create opportunities for cybersecurity experts and students to get to know each other - and to learn from each other. "

Karin Holzhauser

Board president

Industry Outreach & ETH

"Being part of the Cyber Group for me means expanding the boundaries, moving out of the comfort zone, and making lifelong friends and memories. Besides that, I strongly believe that this experience is valuable because it connects pure theoretical knowledge to real-life situations which is essential for personal and professional growth."

Jelena Mihajlovic

Board member

Public Outreach & ETH CSS

"I believe that going to university should not only include lecture halls and exams. As part of Cyber Group I can support fellow students that want to broaden their Cybersecurity horizon by offering them unique interactive experiences."

Robin Staab

Board member

Marketing & PR

"After participating in the cyber 9/12 strategy challenge, I knew I wanted to share the same experience with other students at ETHZ while also meeting interesting people and learning new things."

Lara Lazier

Board member

Finance, Legal & Alliances

"I joined Cyber Group because I wanted to support the team in their amazing work, creating great events and experiences for students."

Gabriela Krasnopolska

Board member

Digital Presence

"I want to empower fellow students to connect with cyber experts and broaden their horizon during their time at ETH. That's why I joined Cyber Group after participating in the Cyber 9/12 Challenge."

Christian Knabenhans

Extended Board member

Open Port Events

"After having attended a couple of the Cyber Group's OpenPort events, I decided I want to be a part of shaping similar experiences for students. To me, being part of Cyber Group means being part of an exciting and collaborative atmosphere that involves all of industry, academia, and government, and so I am deeply motivated to help bring this experience to other students."

Yassmine Abdrabo

Cyber Group member

"I strongly believe that combining technical expertise acquired during the studies with skills such as communication and organizing are key aspects for success. Cyber Group and the team preparations for the cyber 9/12 challenges enable the participants and us to dive together into this journey of getting hands on experience in connecting these facets."

Andreas Kuster

Cyber Group member

"Cyber Group adds a very enjoyable and instructive aspect to my studies. While I major in a different field, here I can dive into highly interesting security and privacy topics. Also, helping with reaching out and organizing events is a great opportunity to gain organizational skills and make contacts."

Peter Haas

Cyber Group member

"With more technology and networks come many great opportunities, but also many risks. I am proud to be in a group that raises awareness about cybersecurity. In Cyber Group, I see a unique opportunity to meet and work together with dedicated students from all backgrounds."

Johannes Eberle

Cyber Group member

Hall of Fame

Jonas Gude


Noa Melchior


Lucas Brunner