Open Port Event

Have you ever wondered what the cybersecurity industry looks like in Switzerland? Then join us on May 18 for an interactive exploration of the Swiss cybersecurity landscape, together with our speakers from the Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS):

  • - Marcel Zumbühl, Co-President ISSS, CISO at Swiss Post

  • - Arié Malz, Co-President ISSS, Director Life Cycle Management at the Federal Office for Property, Construction and Logistics (BBL)

  • - Angelo Mathis, Director Digital Assurance at PwC

The ISSS is an active and independent organization with more than 1100 security professionals and security enthusiasts from business, administration and science. They deal with technical, legal and organizational information security-related aspects. They organize events, webinars, and networking possibilities for their members. Moreover, they award outstanding Bachelor, Master and PhD theses in the field of information security from students of Swiss universities.

We are very happy to invite you to an apéro after the session.